Aquatic Scence


Vol. 6, No. 1 (2015)


- Amal Bader, Mohammed El Morhit, S. El Blidi, Ahmed Yahyaoui and Mohamed Fekhaoui; Impact of anthropogenic and natural processes on the degradation of water and sediment quality of the Mghohga River estuary (northern Morocco), 3-14. (PDF)

- Subhasish Chatterjee and Susanta Kumar Chakraborty; Population and reproductive biology of two species of brachyuran crabs (Family: Grapsidae) Sesarma (Chiromantes) bidens and Metopograpsus maculatus at coastal belt of Midnapore, West Bengal, India, 15-36. (PDF)

- Masoud Seidgar; The effects of Fairy Shrimp Phallocryptus spinosa (Branchiopoda: Anostraca) as live food on reproduction performances and color of freshwater ornamental fish prawns, 37-44. (PDF)

- Suraini Lajimin, Asrazitah Abd Razak, Delta Jenetty Denil, Julian Ransangan, Mohd Effendy Abdul Wahid and Ahmed Sade; First detection of Megalocytivirus (Iridoviridae) in trash fish used for aquaculture feed in Sabah, Malaysia, 45-53. (PDF)

- Kanij Rukshana Sumi, Mir Mohammad Ali, Md. Rajib Sharker, Md. Lokman Ali, Shib Nath Pattader, and Zannatul Ferdous; Livelihood status of Gher farmers of Deel Dakatia in Khulna district, Bangladesh, 54-66. (PDF)

- Jamileh Pazooki and Mohammad Sadegh Khakshoor; Evaluation of the anti-microbial properties of Gelliodes carnosa sponge alkaloid compounds antimicrobial properties of marine sponge, 67-83. (PDF)

- Andrea Fernanda Hernández-Batista, José Alberto Ramírez-Torrez, Alejandro Azaola-Espinosa Lino Mayorga-Reyes and María del Carmen Monroy-Dosta; The genus Chirostoma in Mexico: Challenge for conservation and aquaculture technology, 84-95. (PDF)

- Gustavo A. Rodriguez-Montes de Oca, J. Cristóbal Román-Reyes, Anabel Alaniz-Gonzalez, C. Omar Serna-Delval, German Muñoz-Cordova, Hervey Rodríguez-González; Effect of salinity on three tilapia (Oreochromis sp.) strains: hatching rate, length and yolk sac size, 96-106. (PDF)


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