Aquatic Scence


Vol. 3, No. 1 (2012)


-Yogesh Solanki, K.L. Jetani, Sajid I. Khan, Anil S.Kotiya, Nayan P. Makawana and Mohd Ashraf Rather; Effect of stocking density on growth and survival rate of Spiny Lobster (Panulirus polyphagus) in cage culture system; 3-14. (PDF)

-Lawrence Ikechukwu Ezemonye and Alex Ajeh Enuneku; Hepatic bioaccumulation of cadmium in the crowned bullfrog, Hoplobatrachus occipitalis and flat backed toad, Bufo maculatus; 15-22. (PDF)

-Abi Abinawanto , Khairani Nurman , Retno Lestari; The effect of sucrose on sperm quality of Osphronemus goramy two days post-crypreservation; 23-28. (PDF)

-Shabir Ahmad Dar, A. M. Najar, M. H. Balkhi, Mohd Ashraf Rather and Rupam Sharma; Length-weight relationship and relative condition factor of Schizopyge esocinus (Heckel, 1838); 29-36. (PDF)

-Fikrat M. Hassan, Rafia A. Hadi, Thaer I. Kassim and Jinan S. Al-Hassany; Systematic study of epiphytic algal after restoration of Al-Hawizah marshes, southern of Iraq; 37-57. (PDF)

-Bolaji A. Dunsin, Clement A. Edokpayi and Muyideen O. Lawal; Environmental conditions of a drainage channel inhabited by an invasive species Melanoides tuberculatus (Muller, 1774) in southwestern, Nigeria; 58-71. (PDF)

-Kausik Mondal, Anilava Kaviraj and Pratap Kumar Mukhopadhyay; Effects of partial replacement of fishmeal in the diet by mulberry leaf meal on growth performance and digestive enzyme activities of Indian minor carp Labeo bata; 72-83. (PDF)


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