Aquatic Scence


Vol. 2, No. 1 (2011)


-Joydev Maity, Joydeep Kundu, Atanu Pramanik and Bidhan C. Patra; Effect of Cellulolytic Gut Bacteria as a Feed Supplement on the Growth Performance and Nutrient Digestibility of Asian Seabass (Lates calcarifer, Bloch); 3-15. (PDF)

-Enox de Paiva Maia, Alfredo Olivera Galvez, Luis Otavio Brito da Silva; Brazilian shrimp farms for Litopenaeus vannamei with partial and total recirculation systems; 16-26. (PDF)

-Adebola Ajiboye, Emmanuel Faturoti; Growth performance of Synodontis nigrita raised on different dietary crude protein levels; 27-35. (PDF)

-Mohit Tiwari, N.S. Nagpure, D.N. Saksena, Ravindra Kumar, S.P. Singh, B. Kushwaha, W.S. Lakra; Evaluation of acute toxicity levels and ethological responses under heavy metal cadmium exposure in freshwater teleost, Channa punctata (Bloch); 36-47. (PDF)

-Tae-Ho Kim; Motion characteristics of a Korean designed submersible fish cage system in waves and currents using numerical analysis; 48-67. (PDF)

-Isabela Oliveira, Antonio Amorim, Henrique Lavander, Silvio Peixoto and Alfredo O. Galvez; Spatial and temporal distribution of the shellfish Anomalocardia brasiliana (Gmelin, 1791) on Mangue Seco beach, Pernambuco, Brazil; 68-79. (PDF)

-Patricio De los Rios-Escalante; Morphological variations in Boeckella poopoensis (Marsh, 1906) (Copepoda, Calanoida) in two shallow saline ponds (Chile) and potential relation to salinity gradient; 80-87. (PDF)

-Fereidun Mohebbi, Reza Ahmadi, Ali Mohsenpour Azari, Latif Esmaili, Yosefali Asadpour; On the red coloration of Urmia Lake (Northwest Iran); 88-92. (PDF)


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